I stood up from the couch, pulled up the hem of my dress and knelt on the hardwood floor, not giving a thought to how it would ruin the knees of my stockings. I was aware that my chest was heaving, and that from her vantage point my cleavage would be on full display. I looked up and saw the appreciation in her eyes. That gaze that made me melt, that made me wet. My cunt felt tight, clenching in anticipation and my clit tingling, moisture seeping through my black silk knickers and down my thigh.
She grasped the back of my neck and I relaxed my throat as she pushed inside me. I could smell her excitement as she fucked my mouth, pushing against the back of my throat. I looked up at her, and I could the appreciation in her eyes. My position was perfect: knees bent, legs slightly apart, hands submissively behind my back. I was just the way she liked me. My big brown eyes stared up at her while I took as much of her cock into my mouth as I could, struggling not to gag, tears sliding down my cheeks with the effort. She came hard but I didn’t stop, not without instruction.
“Enough” she stated, as she pulled out and pushed me back onto the floor. She zipped up and look down, taking in my swollen red-smeared lips, the thin strap of my dress that had already fallen down, and my eye glazed, pleading.
“What?” she exclaimed, teasingly. “You think I’m going to give you what you want now you’ve sucked me off?”
“Please..” I whimpered, desperately.
“Please, Sir” she corrected, sternly.
“Please, Sir” I whispered, eyes on the ground.
“Please Sir?” she taunted, “tell me what it is you want? tell me you’re are a dirty little whore that needs to be fucked”
I gasped, tears running down my cheeks.
“I…” I hesitated, not wanting to say the words.
“I’m a dirty little whore..” I sobbed, shaking.
“And what do dirty little whores need?”
“I… they..” I stammered, trying to get the words out, those magic words that would get me what I wanted; but they were, in that moment, so hard to say.
“They need…” I took a big breath and said the words, “They need to be to be fucked”
I heard her “Tsk” above me, “You are a slow learner aren’t you. They need to be fucked, what?” she said the worlds slowly, deliberately, starring down at me sternly.
“Sir” I stammered, “they…they need to be fucked, Sir”
“That’s better, that’s my polite little slut, now I want you to stand up, take off your clothes, and bend over the desk’”

For Her Fans

A short little teaser, the beginning of a story I’m working on. Shhh…

She used to touch herself just imagining what she was about to do, it was her ultimate fantasy. But now, since she had set up her pay-per-view website and had begun masturbating in front of a camera for a living, she found herself wanting more.

Sal had realised what the problem was. After multiple days filming her friend, she noticed that she was losing her intensity, that her performances were missing that original spark, that she just wasn’t into it. Perhaps, she though, I might be able to help. The idea of getting in front of the camera herself had occurred to her, but not in the same way Sarah did. She didn’t get off on demeaning herself, on feeling like a slut in front of her ever-growing audience. Plus, she knew what Sarah would like, she knew what her fans would like.

Fuck it! she thought. Lets introduce the website’s paying guests to a new character. One who got off on being in control, on punishing naughty little sluts. One who loved to fuck.

She inwardly smiled as she concocted her plan. The one thing she was sure of is that she wouldn’t tell Sarah, not in advance of the taping. She wanted it to be a surprise.

The Will of My Queen (Part 2)

[Link to Part 1]

I heeled next to her as she greeted each foreign dignitary, her good little pet. I could tell she was bored with the seemingly endless parade of grovelling supplicants.

She took my hair in to her hand and pushed it aside, revealing my bare back. I felt her tap twice between my shoulder blades and I obeyed the command, going down on all-fours, my breasts pushed against the floor, my nipple’s aching at the pressure on my rings, my arse raised high, granting her full access.

She continued to accept tributes as she softly traced the fingers of her left hand over my sensitive cheeks. I remained perfectly still as my whole body began to tingle with anticipation.

It took another hour for her to finish with official business and to signal the entertainment. The rhythmic drum began and I could feel the floor underneath me vibrate with the beat.

Her majesty’s hand had not stopped teasing me for one second, the soft caresses, so close, but not quite where I needed them. At the beat of the drum, she finally entered me. Two fingers, rhythmically fucking.

The will of my Queen

[A quick little teaser…]

The rule was that I was to be naked at all times unless instructed otherwise.  All I wore was the collar, the constant reminder that I was hers. I could feel the tight-fitting leather and the silver charm dangling from a loop. On it was engraved the words “property of her majesty”.

That night she had me kneeling at her side during the feast, the Lords and Ladies of the court filled the hall and I wanted to watch them dance in their finery, but I dared not look up. My head was bowed and her majesty gripped my collar with a firm hand. I held my arms behind my back, and they were beginning to cramp, just as my knees ached against the hard stone floor. But it was no matter, for I would have happily stayed in that position for days if it was the will of my queen.

Part 2

Follow Me (Part 2)

[Here is Part 1 if you haven’t read it.]

I walked over to the picnic rug, slipped off my sandals and lay down on my back.

“Knees up and spread your legs, I know you want to show me.”

She was right. I spread my legs and could feel the breeze on my sensitive flesh. The sun was in my eyes and I was forced to close them. I could feel the heat on my bare skin, and I remember the distinct smell of eucalyptus and being surrounded by the perpetual drone of cicadas.

I knew she was standing before me, staring at her possession.

“Hold yourself open for me”

I did as I was commanded, using both hands to part my folds and expose myself fully to her gaze. I was wet and slippery, so ready for her touch. Desperation filled my every thought, my every cell was humming, calling out in need. I clenched, longing to be filled.

I felt her kneel between my legs, and then I felt it, her tongue slowly circling around my clit. It was both exquisite and excruciating. My hips automatically bucked forward, but she held me down.

“uh uh” she said,

“you know the rules, you are my little slut, and I will take you when and how it pleases me, and not before.”

She continued to explore me with her tongue. Tantalisingly slow, avoiding the one spot I needed to feel her most.

I wanted to ask for it, to beg her to fuck me, but I remained silent.

I was her good girl.

Follow Me (Part 1)

She looked so beautiful, and so innocent in the clothes I had selected for her. Her long strawberry blonde hair flowed freely in waves down her back, brushing the waist of her white cotton sundress. I decided that she would be braless, and I congratulated myself on my decision as I gazed upon her erect nipples that were visible through the thin fabric.

I tore my eyes away from her chest and focused on the road. One hand was on the wheel, the other on her upper thigh, my little finger lightly stroking her as I felt the soft cotton become increasingly moist. I took a quick peak at her face and saw that her eyes were closed and her brow was slightly furrowed as she concentrated on remaining still for me. She was being a good girl.  

Fuck it! I thought, and pulled over. It wasn’t part of the plan, but I didn’t feel like waiting any longer. We were parked on the side of an old dirt track and we were well outside of town. I could have taken her against a tree on the side of the road and it would have been unlikely that anyone would have seen, but I didn’t want to risk the interruption. I pulled at her knickers and commanded 


She looked up at me and smiled, but it was short lived as she saw the look on my face. She became instantly compliant, and I could see the excitement and fear in her eyes. I got out of the car, took my backpack out of the boot, then walked around to her side and opened the door. I roughly pulled her up and out of her seat and she yelped in surprise as she landed on the rocky ground. I instructed her to stand up and follow as I walked towards the bush.

I could hear her get up and hurry after me, stumbling in her strappy sandals, twigs snapping as she made her way through the undergrowth.

I came to a small clearing, about 50m from the road. The car was now invisible, and I felt that we would be safe from any unwanted intrusion.

She stopped a few meters behind me and I could hear her heavy breathing. I turned around and looked at her. The white dress was torn on one side and I could see light scratches where an exposed thigh had brushed against an errant branch. Her hair was a mess, and she raised a hand in order to smooth it out.

“Don’t” I commanded, and she dropped her arm. Her eyes were on the grown and she was shaking.

“Take off the dress”

She obeyed, dropping it onto the grass next to her, eyes still downcast.

I stepped closer, and watched as the breeze gently blew her hair and caused small bumps to appear on her skin. She shivered slightly, but I knew it was more to do with anticipation than cold. I knew how much she loved being naked outdoors, how she enjoyed exposing herself to me. She was my little slut.

I found a patch of grass that wasn’t too rocky and checked for ants nests or any other unwanted insects. Satisfied, I put down my backpack, removed an old red tartan picnic rug and spread it out. 

“Lay down”